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Did you ever wonder how your smartphone stays cool to the touch?  Have you ever thought about how all of that technology in your car works together? Why don't planes crash when they're hit by lightning? 
These are the fascinating technologies, and their unsung heroes, that we support.
It's not our work. It's our passion!
What We Do

ITEM Media  produces the following business media titles for specialist electronics engineering audiences:
Electronics Cooling ®
  Interference Technology
ETD -Environmental Test & Design

We produce a comprehensive lineup of media:
online events
weekly enewsletters
datasheet tools
print magazines
digital magazines
Electronics Cooling readers keep our datacenters from having a meltdown

Electronics Cooling ®

Electronics Cooling covers the world of thermal management, helping to keep today's modern technology cool, reliable and safe. From military to consumer electronics, and aerospace to automotive engineering, Electronics Cooling is used by over 40,000 engineers worldwide to find the right answer.
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Interference Technology readers make sure the GPS, the radio,  the Bluetooth...and the brakes all work together
Interference Technology

Interference Technology is a practical guide for engineers around the globe who are looking for answers to solve EMI (electromagnetic interference) and achieve EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) to the current standards. From wireless technologies to medical instrumentation, 49,000 of them read Interference Technology.

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ETD  readers keep the tech working, no matter where it needs to go

ETD - Environmental Test & Design

Todays's electronics need to stand up to quite a lot. The readers of ETD - Environmental Test & Design make sure it can, by performing heat, noise, vibration, shock, salt, dust, HALT and HASS tests. 13,000 of them.
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Online Events
Online Events
Our online events feature technical presentations, roundtables, whitepapers, resources and product demos. They are free to attend - from the comfort of your chair.
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