Engineering Content for Reliable Technology

Want 2 reasons to hire a media company to help manage your marketing ?

#1: Content   #2: Data

Generating real sales-ready leads in the electronics engineering industry requires two key ingredients: technology-specific content that qualifies your prospects, and knowing when your prospects are in the buying cycle. In other words,  content and data.
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What We Do

You may have a crack sales team, a big CRM, an awesome website and tons of promotions. But if you don’t know when your prospects are ready to buy, then you are missing sales.

ITEM Media uses your client data combined with our audience data and creates custom content programs to tell your sales team when to contact a prospect. It’s all in the timing.
We produce programs for:

  • lead generation
  • lead cultivation
  • content development
  • audience development
  • SEO
  • webinars
  • and more
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