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Our company has been around for just over 40 years, based in suburban Philadelphia, with offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo. And as the world of media has changed, so has ITEM. Back in the day, we solely produced printed magazines. But we adapted and grew, looking for new ways to effectively serve our audiences, and today the vast majority of our content is produced digitally. Through our teams in China and Japan, that content is also published in their local languages, as well as in Europe, where we reach readers in about 10 different languages. We are a small(ish) but successful company, helping engineers and marketers globally.

You may have never heard of an EMI engineer, a thermal engineer, or a reliability engineer, but these are the unsung heroes of the technology audiences we are proud to serve. Without their skills and ingenuity, much of today’s technology simply would not work. They’re smart, so we hope we help them even just a little.

Our group of about 20 dedicated people are connected globally, and we cultivate an informal business culture by providing a flexible work environment, trust in each person's individual skills, and some pretty nice (and albeit unusual) perks: "Winter-Work-From-Home-Mondays", “Flexible-Summer-Fridays”, car and educational allowances, free lunches, show tickets, store memberships, really delicious birthday cakes, and more!
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